Scratching the Tiger's Belly cover

The Surrealist Adventure


Scratching the Tiger's Belly

by Ron Sakolsky

A radical mixtape of hidden histories, rebel poems, prickly rants, black humor, intoxicating adventures, razor sharp polemics, slyly subversive stories, provocative parables and ideas-in-action. Food for thought, ready to be washed down with the heady grog of mutiny!

"Right from the start of this gorgeously designed book, you know you're in for a ride. None of Sakolsky's essays and poetry give any mercy to the rulers or to those too faint of heart for resistance to authority. These writings are more than just precise in their critiques, and inventive in their ideas. They are agitational in the classic sense. They make you want to do something in response to the emotions they bring forth. Sakolsky says, 'Head boldly into the eye of the storm.' Let's go!"
--Fifth Estate

Sample Chapters (PDF):
* Table of Contents
* The Surrealist Adventure and the Poetry of Direct Action
* Squatting the Airwaves: Pirate Radio as Anarchy in Action

160 pp. book
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