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At Daggers Drawn

At Daggers Drawn


At Daggers Drawn

"The Secret is to really begin." A limited edition printing of this insurrectionary pamphlet, originally published in 1998 by the Italian publishing project "NN" under the title Ai ferri corti con l’esistente, i suoi difensori e i suoi falsi critici. This critique of various forms of resistance in the age of globalization was translated by Jean Weir and first published in English as At Daggers Drawn by Elephant Editions in 2001. Numerous reprints of this important text have been produced; this Eberhardt Press edition is offset printed and wrapped by a dustjacket with French folds. This fourth printing of 500 booklets is the final Eberhardt Press edition of At Daggers Drawn.

36pp zine
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The Tyran'ts Foe, The People's Friend
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