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Communicating Vessels No. 26   Communicating Vessels #26
Fall-Winter 2014-2015

"An Ode to the Festival of Life": The new issue of Communicating Vessels is out now! "Here you will find a celebration of life and its mysteries." You will also find, as always, an extensive section of intelligent letters; George Rawick's "The Historical Roots of Black Liberation"; a guide to the All Soul's Procession; a reprint of an essay from the Autumn 1951 issue of Retort by Holley Cantine; an essay on "The Shadows of Noir Theatre"; "The Vegetarian Radicalism of Roger Crab", from Communicating Vessel's "Heresies in History" series; and lots more!

44pp zine | $3.00 + shipping

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Communicating Vessels No. 25   Communicating Vessels #25
Fall-Winter 2013-2014

Communicating Vessels is typeset on a varityper and printed on an AB Dick in a wind-beaten shack in the desert badlands of Arizona. The periodical's sun-scorched editor, Anthony, has produced another fine edition, confronting the "Topsy-Turvy World" of paradoxes, contradictions and illusions. Anthony walks alongside Aristotle and the ancient Greeks in his piece Voyage of Discovery: "In our world, 'discovery' often overshadows the process of arriving there." Anthony's writing is first-rate, and his design and print work in this issue is remarkable. He weaves personal ruminations with book and zine reviews, an extensive correspondence section, classic pieces by Kenneth Rexroth, poetry and more. You won't find a more authentic or eclectic literary magazine than this one!

40pp zine | $3.00 + shipping

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