Birds of a Feather by Ron Sakolsky

Birds of a Feather cover

Birds of a Feather
Flights of the Anarcho-Surrealist Imagination
by Ron Sakolsky

Imagine anarchy and surrealism as an avian body in flight! The anarchist wing yearns to fly to high that it demands the impossible, while the surrealist wing breaks the binary chains that imprison our minds in a sedentary dichotomy between dream and reality...

“In parallel, and sometimes together, anarchists and surrealists have fruitfully explored new avenues of revolt. Now comes Ron Sakolsky’s new attempt to discern and describe these anarcho-surrealist intersections, Birds of a Feather. Like all of Eberhardt’s work, this 52 page pamphlet is handsomely executed, featuring several engaging graphics. This thought-provoking work deserves to be read by anarchists, surrealists, and all those planning to take flight in the direction of liberty.”
--Fifth Estate (Fall, 2017)

“To fight the desertification of imagination Annie Le Brun describes, the wild flight of the 'radical imagination' is essential. This poetic essay plays with the singing, flying birds in a way that expresses the flight of a wild and vigorous imagination. The pamphlet resonates with the joy Ron finds in his anarchic and surrealist practice. And Eberhardt Press created a marvellous design that fully reflects the content and feel of the essay. Worth reading in these times when imagination is so lacking."
--Apio Ludd, My Own (Summer 2017)

52 pp pamphlet
full color illustrations

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