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Isabelle Eberhardt
Isabelle Eberhardt.

Eberhardt Press is community print shop and small press in Portland, Oregon, founded in 2004. Named in honor of anarchist writer and adventurer Isabelle Eberhardt, our shop provides design and printing services to zine publishers, worker co-ops, musicians, artists, small publishers, non-profit organizations, activist groups, local independent businesses and lots of other folks.

Eberhardt Press also publishes radical literature from an anarchist perspective. One particular area of focus is women's reproductive freedom, which is being actively threatened by political interventions by violent, short-sighted reactionaries. Another area of editorial focus is anarcho-surrealism, a little-explored but compelling overlap of two approaches to the liberation of humanity from the economic system of capitalism. First popularized by writer André Breton, the synergy of anarchism and surrealism offers potential avenues to spontaneous, unpredictable, creative and energetic forms of resistance.

Everything published by Eberhardt Press is produced at our print shop in Portland, Oregon, harkening back to the days when publishers, typographers and printers co-existed as part of the same operation. Eberhardt Press strives to apply craft traditions to design and printing, exploring paper and ink as effective vehicles for communication within the context of radical politics.


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